Shanghai sex lingerie Qipu Road

Shanghai sex lingerie Qipu Road

Shanghai sex lingerie Qipu Road: Find your own dedicated nature

Shanghai Qipu Road is a well -known domestic garment wholesale market and one of the largest clothing wholesale markets in China. It not only has many fashion clothing brands, but also has various types of sexy underwear.Today, let’s take a look at Qipu Road, Shanghai’s sex underwear.

1. Concentration area of Qipu Road Fairy Lingerie Shop

Qipu Road is a concentrated area of sexy underwear stores, so you can find many types of sexy underwear here.Most of the sexy underwear shops here are wholesale and sells, and the price is relatively cheap.

2. Sexy and personalized underwear is complete

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Qipu Road sex underwear has a variety of underwear, from sexy and transparent lace underwear to personalized printed underwear, to sex outfits.Each shop will have different recommendations, which can bring different shopping experiences.

3. Procurement volume Large price discount

The number of seven -way sex underwear market is very large, and the price of purchases is relatively cheap.If you want to buy a lot, you can choose the right store.

4. Breath, antibacterial, comfortable underwear fabric

I don’t know if you have paid attention to the fabric of the sex underwear?Many erotic underwear should use fabrics with good breathability, antibacterial comfort, and supporting support. This is more suitable for ergonomics and more comfortable.

5. Size of underwear

Size is an important part of underwear purchase.Everyone’s body is different, so it is important to choose the right size.If you are a merchant, you can consider purchasing more medium -sized supply, because large, medium, and trumpet sources are generally more popular.

6. Interest underwear suitable for different occasions

Interest underwear is suitable for wearing in different occasions. You can choose according to your needs, not necessarily for sexy. The most important thing is to conform to your personal temperament.

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7. Selection of sexy underwear color

When choosing the color of sexy underwear, it is recommended to refer to your skin color and clothing color, and choose the color matching suitable for you.Pink, black, and red are the most popular sexy underwear colors.

8. Different materials are suitable for different people

Different materials are suitable for different people, but sexy lace materials are the most common choices.There are many different flowers in lace fabrics. Each brand has its own characteristics. In this regard, you can choose the right color and style according to your preference.

Finally, choosing a sexy underwear that suits you is not to satisfy others, but to better express your personality and charm.Whether it is a work gap, a leisure time or a romantic date, the sexy underwear suitable for your own will make you feel confident and charm.