Sexy underwear type picture Daquan

Sexy underwear type picture Daquan

Sexy underwear type picture Daquan

Interest underwear is an indispensable element in sex.The colorful erotic underwear can not only improve the sex experience between couples, but also allow women to release their enthusiasm and vitality of their lives in wearing.This article details the types of sexy underwear in detail, and provides readers with details about sexy underwear and purchasing suggestions.

1. Ship socks

Ship socks are a beautiful leg decoration that does not require fixed band, which is often used in sexy matching.It can be matched with high -heeled shoes to give women a visual effect of long legs.In the sex game, boat socks are used as a way of sexy visual stimulation and are widely used.The classic styles include black, white and fish nets.

Second, sexy underwear set

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As a unique way of experience, wearing sexy underwear suits can increase the intimacy between couples.The set is generally composed of different types of accessories such as bras, lace corsets, and various details, such as silk ribbons and satin lace.The designs and styles of the set are different, and some are a little back and some are ultra -short, causing a series of visual and sensory stimuli to women’s bodies.

Third, camisole small vest

Smaller vest is a type of sexy underwear. It uses a thin shoulder strap and low -cut design, which is full of sexy.Generally speaking, small vests are made of lace, silk, transparent and durable materials.They can be simple or green, gold, and silver lace.

Fourth, hollow socks

Hollow socks are widely accepted with its strange properties.The characteristic of this sock is that the heels and toes are deliberately cut and removed, making the wearer look more sexy visually.Common styles are mainly dark colors, such as black and red.

Fifth, ordinary tight pants sexy style

The sexy style of ordinary tight pants has a very good package effect, which outlines perfect hips and waistlines through evenly wrap lines.Women can use ordinary tight pants sexy styles to highlight their body curve and beautiful figure.

Six, embroidered bra

Embroidered bras are a style that pursues handicrafts, emphasizing details and color use.When weaving this underwear, use a variety of shiny beads to decorate.Some bras also have detachable/adjustable shoulder straps and fasteners.


Seven, suspender conjoined socks

The suspender conjoined socks are a sexy overall decoration that can use hollowed thin shoulder straps to maintain beauty, while the low -cut part shows the perfect curve of women in the entire upper body.When paired with high heels, it can make women more plump and sexy.

8. Supreme pantyhose

Supreme pantyhose is a combined underwear that directly connects pants and tights.These jumpsuits use detailed belts, slings and other details in design.Sexy conjoined pantyhose usually uses black or other dark surfaces that can be used for conventional clothes, but in fact, lace and other naked parts are built -in, which is very suitable for sex themes.

Nine, metal decorative underwear

Metal decorative underwear is a type of interesting sexy underwear. It consists of a series of metal chains, metal rings and metal signs.These metal accessories are used to decorate important parts such as chest, back, waist, and legs to release fashion and gorgeous atmosphere.However, be careful when wearing this style to avoid hooking yourself.

Ten, kimono underwear

Kimono underwear is a sexy underwear with a strong Japanese style.The design of kimono underwear adopts the design of traditional Japanese culture and art and popular fashion, which has become more and more popular in recent years.This underwear is usually composed of lace, ruffles, ribbons and chrysanthemum decoration.

in conclusion

Interesting underwear is a art, which is very different from traditional underwear.Through rich design, various materials, and their own unique functions, sexy underwear can greatly improve the sexual experience between couples, and bring deeper enjoyment to the blending of physical and emotion.Whether it is love to affection can be reflected in sexy underwear.