Sexy underwear salesman series number

Sexy underwear salesman series number

Understand the sexy lingerie series number

When selling sexy underwear, the series number is a very important information.When customers ask you what products you have, you should introduce the characteristics and differences of each series.Here are a few sexy underwear series worthy of sales.

Fan Number 01: Sexy underwear

This series of sexy underwear is very suitable for customers who want to show their perfect figure.These underwear and coats are slightly transparent and lace, allowing the wearer to exude sexy feminine charm.

Fan Number 02: Uniform temptation

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The sexy underwear design of this series is inspired by various types of uniforms, such as nurses, police and students.These underwear have a lot of stripes and details, and customers who wear them can fully reflect the sexy charm of different occupations.

Fan Number 03: role -playing

In this series, sexy underwear design is based on various roles, such as maids, superheroes and queens.These underwear often include accessories, such as skirts, gloves, headbands, etc., allowing wearers to play their own role better.

Fan Number 04: Japanese Kimono

The sexy underwear of this series is inspired by Japanese kimono and changed it to a sexy version.These underwear are usually made of smooth materials, which can better express the body’s curve. It is a very popular series.Learning different types of sexy underwear series can better choose suitable styles for customers.

Fan Number 05: Stomato sexy underwear

Belly pista sexy underwear is a very popular series, which allows wearers to show their bodies.These underwear are often made of slightly translucent materials, and tailored to highlight some areas of the body.The sexy style of this sexy underwear meets the needs of young customers.

Fan Number 06: All transparent sexy underwear

Full transparent sexy underwear is a very bold series that combines sexy and cleverness.These underwear are usually made of transparent materials, and the body of the wearer is completely exposed.The full transparent sexy lingerie series is a good choice to sell to customers who like to challenge and confidence.

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Fan Number 07: Girls’ Sexy underwear

The girl’s sexy underwear series is affected by the classic Japanese animation and comics. The design usually uses lace, bow and sweet pattern.These sexy underwear series are very suitable for young girls who pursue sweetness.

Fan Number 08: Queen’s sexy underwear

The queen’s sex lingerie series is designed to show customers the most domineering side.These sexy underwear is usually covered with dark tones such as black and gold. The high -level texture highlights the nobleness and pride in the seller.


The above are a few sexy lingerie series worthy of sales.Understanding different series and their audiences, themes and characteristics can help you better sell sexy lingerie.