Sexy underwear map Beauty photo collection

Sexy underwear map Beauty photo collection

1. Talk about the origin of sexy underwear

Sex underwear is made of a material called lace.Lace is used as early as the traditional Chinese production process, which is woven from thin lines.In Europe, lace manufacturing has emerged and popular in the 17th century. At that time, lace was regarded as a symbol of status and wealth.In the 20th century, with the popularity of pornographic culture, sexy underwear gradually became a means of disclosure and expression.

2. Different types of sexy underwear

The common sexy underwear on the market can be divided into four major types: sexy underwear, lace underwear, uniform underwear, transparent underwear, etc.Among them, the most popular is sexy underwear and transparent underwear.These two underwear are mainly based on underwear, bra, strap and suit.

3. Features of sexy underwear

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Sexy underwear is generally exposed and seductive design, which is mainly manifested in the selection of fabrics, color matching, design of shape, and accessories of accessories.Generally speaking, sexy underwear is dominated by black, dark red and other colors. It is decorated with diamonds, lace, mesh eyes, etc., giving a feeling of enchanting and mysterious.

4. The characteristics of transparent underwear

The characteristic of transparent underwear is that its main fabrics are translucent materials, such as gauze nets and lace.It can show women’s figures based on different designs, with different effects such as local transparency, all transparency.Transparent underwear is suitable for women who want to try different styles and break conventional women.

5. The charm of lace underwear

As a classic sexy underwear, lace underwear has been loved by women since its birth.It not only has a soft touch and exquisite feel, but the fine weaving of the lace grid also makes the female body curve better.At the same time, lace underwear can also be processed in the details, making it more artistic and design.

6. The psychedelic effect of uniform underwear

Uniform underwear is a more popular sexy underwear. It is designed with the dress of students, nurses, stewardes, and police.It mainly imitates the real professional uniforms in clothing colors and details, and adds sexy elements to modification.Uniform underwear can stimulate people’s visual senses, and at the same time, it can also make people imagine all kinds of wonderful scenes, making flirting and sex full of imagination and fun.

7. Size for sex underwear and how to wear and wear

When choosing a sexy underwear, you must choose the appropriate size according to your body.If the size cannot be appropriate, it is easy to produce unnecessary flaws and affect sexual experience.In addition, you need to pay attention to cooperation when you wear to create sexy and elegant effects as much as possible.

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8. The relationship between sex underwear and sex

As a sexual tool, sexy underwear can not only stimulate people’s senses visually, but also enhance sexual interest and pleasure.It has a very important role in the creation of context and atmosphere.When wearing sexy underwear and love, it is easier to enjoy the pleasure of sex and orgasm from the body.

9. The fun of erotic underwear to people

The appearance and popularity of sexy underwear are mainly to enhance people’s sexual enjoyment and make sex no longer monotonous and boring.By using sex underwear, people can better experience the charm and lethality of their bodies, and better approach the climax of love and a beautiful sex experience.

10. Summary: Interesting underwear is a way to express and release sex

With more and more women choose sexy underwear, making their sex richer and colorful.Therefore, sexy underwear is not only a fashion and aesthetic, but also a way of expression and release of sex, bringing more humanized and happy experiences.