Sexy underwear Fashion Show 2019

Sexy underwear Fashion Show 2019

Background introduction

Fun underwear fashion show is an annual event, and brands around the world are exhibited every year.This year’s sexy underwear fashion show not only shows the sexy and beautiful sexy underwear design, but also incorporates new elements.

Design affected by Europe and the United States

In this year’s sexy underwear fashion show, the European and American style design has always been mainstream.From the exquisite material to the gorgeous design, every detail is full of charm.Many designers are inspired by European and American fashion. The exposed elements are combined with the sexy curve, so that women are like the heroine who came out of the movie when wearing a sexy underwear.

Simple design

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There is another obvious trend in this year’s sexy underwear fashion show, that is, simple design.Designers seem to realize that women do not always want to show too much skin during sex underwear.This style of sexy underwear is usually soft, delicate in texture, and has a simple lace pattern, giving a elegant and noble feeling.

Perspective design

The perspective design is also very popular on this year’s sexy underwear fashion show.The designer added perspective elements to the sexy underwear, showing women’s figure to the fullest.Performance design not only allows people to appreciate beautiful figure lines at a glance, but also adds a sense of mystery and make women more attractive.

Improvement of transparent design

The transparent design has always attracted much attention in the sexy underwear fashion show, but this year’s sex underwear fashion show, people have found that designers have improved many of this design.They cleverly use the materials such as yarn, lace, etc., so that the transparent design is no longer too public, but it is softer and moving.

Retro Revival

Retro style is also a highlight of this year’s sexy underwear fashion show.The designers used many retro elements to make the entire series of sexy underwear more elegant and generous.Many brands have launched underwear styles similar to the 1920s and 1930s, making people recall the traditional aesthetics of that era.

Bright colors

In this year’s sexy underwear fashion show, the bright colors are very popular.The designers boldly tried some unusual colors, such as light yellow, light purple, golden Chancan color and so on.These colors make sexy underwear more attractive and bring more choices to women.

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Elemental innovation and use

In this year’s sexy underwear fashion show, designers also creatively used some elements, such as flowers, butterflies, feathers, and so on.These elements not only added some fresh atmosphere to the sexy underwear, but also showed the creativity and artistic sense of designers.

Innovation of material

In this year’s sexy underwear fashion show, many brands have tried many unusual materials, such as thin gauze, delicate satin, soft cotton, etc.These materials can bring a unique texture to sexy underwear, making people feel more fresh and natural.


This year’s sexy underwear fashion show shows a variety of styles of design. Whether it is simple or complicated, it exudes a unique charm.The designers have made many innovations in the use of materials, colors, and elements, attracting a lot of attention.While women appreciate the design of sexy underwear, they can also choose the style that suits them best and show their unique style.