Sexy underwear fabric

Sexy underwear fabric

Sex underwear is one of the most private clothes in women, so the quality of fabrics and choice of choice have a vital impact on the comfort and beauty of underwear.In sexy underwear, there are many types of fabrics, and the quality of different fabrics is different.Let’s take a closer look at the fabric of sexy underwear in detail.

1. Silk fabric

Silk is a soft, smooth and natural fabric.It is very suitable for making sexy underwear because it has a comfortable texture and good hygroscopic performance, showing a unique sexy style.In addition, silk fabrics are easy to dye and print and dye, and can make colorful patterns and prints.

2. Lace fabric

Lace is a soft and transparent fabric, which is intertwined by the filament line to form a complex and delicate lace.The traditional charm of lace sexy underwear lies in its luxurious handmade craftsmanship and sexy transparency.It is usually used for the border and noodles of the underwear, which can effectively display the sexy curve of women.

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3. Cotton fabric

Cotton fabric is one of the most comfortable and most common sexy underwear fabrics. It is made of natural cotton fiber, soft and comfortable and breathable.Its elasticity is low and usually needs to be mixed with other materials to obtain better support effects.

4. Elastic fabric

Elastic fabric is also called elastic fabric, which is a material made of synthetic fibers and natural fibers.Its elasticity is very good, which can adapt to women of different figures and provide good support effects.Elastic fabrics are often used in corsets, bodies and bottom pants to obtain perfect figure lines.

5. Polyester fabric

Polyester fabric is a fabric made of artificial fibers.It is usually used to make cheaper sexy underwear because it has the characteristics of smooth and easy care.Polyester fabric is a durable fabric, but its hygroscopicity is not as good as natural fibers.

6. Artificial silk fabric

Artificial silk fabric is a kind of fabric made of synthetic fibers, with the appearance and touch of the silk.It is usually cheaper than real silk, but its breathability and comfort are not as good as real silk.The texture of the artificial silk fabric is soft, suitable for making tulle, transparent and soft sexy underwear.

7. Leather fabric

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Leather is a material with good texture and is commonly used in the material of sexy lingerie.This fabric needs special maintenance, but it can provide a unique temperament and give the wearer a unique sexy charm.However, fur is not a comfortable material, usually only for special occasions.

8. Faculty

Net -eye fabrics are usually used in the part of the sexy underwear to improve their sexy.It can provide a sense of transparent and breathable, and increase the sexy charm of the wearer.Radio fabrics are often mixed with other materials, such as lace and elastic fabrics to achieve better support and shape effects.

9. velvet fabric

Velvet is a soft and easy to clean, with a soft and comfortable texture.It is often used in the hair bands, clothing and shorts of sexy underwear.The velvet fabric is rich in color and printing, but it should be noted that due to its thick texture, it may be uncomfortable in the hot day.

10. Yarn fabric

The yarn fabric is a transparent tulle, which is usually mixed with materials such as silk and nylon, which has the characteristics of light and soft.This fabric is often used in the outer layer of sexy underwear to create a light and luxurious visual effect.

Viewpoint: The effects of different fabric quality are different in comfort and aesthetics, and fabrics that are suitable for you are the best.When buying sexy underwear, you can learn more about the types and characteristics of the fabrics, and choose the fabric that suits you to get a better dressing effect and experience.