Sexy lingerie costume picture Daquan

Sexy lingerie costume picture Daquan

There seems to be some mysterious connection between sexy underwear and costumes. The two can complement each other in terms of clothing design.So today we will share some sexy lingerie costume pictures. These styles will not only have a retro beauty, but also have a different sexy and mysterious sense.

1. Commoning and fun underwear

Combining the kimono and sexy underwear combines the delicate and modern fashion sense of Japan, so that the wearer can get an excellent balance between sexy and elegant.Complete and sexy underwear usually uses soft fabrics, and uses natural elements such as flowers and birds as the design theme, giving people soft and beautiful.In addition, the peaceful and fun underwear also uses traditional cultural elements, such as the wind belt, to increase the sense of elegance.

2. The Republic of China Fun Jie

The love underwear of the Republic of China is full of a strong cultural atmosphere, and it usually uses the design of a bra and a high waist skirt.Its gorgeous classic style increases the sexy charm of women.In addition, the love underwear of the Republic of China often uses bright colors and patterns, reminiscent of the prosperous and beautiful years of that era.

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3. Ancient Hanfu sexy underwear

Hanfu’s erotic underwear has a strong cultural atmosphere. It uses silk, silk and cricket fabrics. The color is often mainly pink and red. In addition, it is also integrated into the elements such as dragons, phoenixes, butterflies, and flowers.Wearing ancient Hanfu’s sexy underwear, women can experience the temperament of the Royal Temple and the taste of nobles.

4. Belly Board Fairy Underwear

The sexual belly of the bellyband is often made of gold jewelry, beads and other materials. Its design is mainly exposed, and its style is different.Belly pistral fun underwear allows women to feel a different sexy experience, and can also cater to modern people’s thoughts on "going to complicate".

5. The court style of the court

The court style of the court is gorgeous aristocratic style, which is mainly composed of red, gold and other colors. Its design inspiration comes from the Qing Dynasty court’s clothing.Put on the court’s style of fun underwear, women will feel that they are walking out of the palace and getting in touch with the royal family.

6. Classical Ballet Instead of Innerwear

Classical ballet sexy underwear is mainly composed of hard yarn, lace and other fabrics. Its style adopts symmetrical design, and many elements are related to ballet dance.Classical ballet Interesting underwear feels very beautiful, as light and beautiful as ballet.

7. Cheongsam sexy jacket


Cheongsam erotic underwear is composed of traditional cheongsam short skirts and gorgeous bra. It uses satin and silk fabrics. The colors include gorgeous colors such as golden, red, black.In addition, its design often integrates artistic concepts such as paper -cutting, calligraphy, etc., giving people a different beauty.

8. Indian style and fun underwear

The design of Indian style underwear is bold, with the theme of desert, jewelry and mysterious style.Transparent fabrics are usually matched with red, purple and gold.Indian -made underwear gives a mysterious feeling, sometimes enthusiastic and sometimes calm.

In summary, the design of sexy underwear incorporates a variety of different elements. Among them, the popular costume elements have become the most popular fashion trends in recent times.Since ancient times, costume costumes represent a noble and mysterious feeling, and the incorporation of sexy underwear into these elements also gives people a different beauty and sexy charm.