Japanese Beauty Detoxy Lingerie Photo

Japanese Beauty Detoxy Lingerie Photo

Japanese beauty off -interest underwear photo prevails

In recent years, more and more Japanese beauties have begun to share photos of their sexy underwear on the Internet. This kind of behavior, known as "selfie of off underwear" is very popular in Japan, and has been loved by many male fansAnd sought after.

Promote the symbol of gender equality and freedom love

Many Japanese women think that "selfies of off underwear" are a sign that promotes gender equality and freedom.The pursuit and persistence of freedom and independence.

Show sexy curve and temptation

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In these photos, many women are wearing sexy sexy underwear, showing amazing curves and temptation. They boldly show their beautiful bodies and show the world’s confidence and pride.

Change the traditional aesthetic concept

Some people think that this behavior is a cultural revolution, which can help change the traditional aesthetic concepts, make people more respect and appreciate the beauty of women, and no longer define women as men’s accessories.

There are controversy and criticism

However, there are many controversy and criticism in "selfie of off underwear".Some people think that this behavior is too exposed and unbearable, which will have a negative impact on young people, and some people worry that this behavior will be used by gender discrimination to attack women.

Pay attention to privacy and security

In addition, because these photos involve personal privacy and security, some people also remind women that they need to pay attention to their privacy and security issues when conducting "selfies of off underwear".For example, do not disclose personal information and contact information on the Internet, and do not share your photos with people who are unknown.

It is recommended to respect personal choice and space

In response to these disputes and criticisms, some people who support the "selfie of the underwear" said that everyone has the right to choose and enjoy their own space. As long as it does not harm the interests of others and society, this behavior should be respected and protected.



In summary, "selfie selfie" in Japan has become a very popular cultural phenomenon. It is not only a symbol of gender equality and free love, but also controversial and criticism.We should respect everyone’s choice and space, and we also need to pay attention to protecting our privacy and security.