I can’t wear the effect of wearing sex underwear

I can't wear the effect of wearing sex underwear

I can’t wear the effect of wearing sex underwear

Sexy underwear is a necessary product for many women to make themselves more sexy now.However, in the process of wearing sexy underwear, many women will have such experience: I used to see others, I felt that the sexy underwear was very sexy, but I did n’t have imagined it.Why does this happen?Below is gradually analyzed in terms of dressing methods, styles, sizes, etc. to help women better wear sexy effects of sexy underwear.

1. The dressing method is incorrect

When wearing sexy underwear, many women do not pay attention to details, and the way of dressing is incorrect, resulting in discounts on the effect.When wearing, pay attention to gently pull from both sides to obtain the best body modification effect.At the same time, do not straighten the underwear too tight, so as not to avoid the effect of the protruding part.

2. Style is not suitable for you

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Different people have different body shapes, so you must pay attention to your own body shape when choosing a sexy underwear, and choose the style that suits you.Matching the style that can show your beautiful figure, the hazy charm is one of the most important features of sexy underwear.

3. The quality is not high

Spring underwear with low quality is often worn on the body, and it is often not effective, and it is easy to break, deform, fade, running color, etc.Therefore, in order to make sexy underwear more comfortable, free and more sexy, we must first see the raw materials and texture of the fabric before buying.

4. The style is too fancy

Some styles are too strange sexy underwear, ornaments on underwear, details, etc. will make the wearer easily attractive, but not natural and sexy.Try to choose some simple and elegant, but have a soft curve sexy underwear, which best reflects the arc of women.

5. The size is inappropriate

The size of the underwear must be accurate. If it is not appropriate, the overall effect will be discounted.Too large or too small underwear can make women’s breasts deformed, while the underwear size is too small and the part will protrude outward, making it difficult for women to have a sexy and proud mentality.

6. Unreasonable dressing and matching

Underwear just makes people walking in underwear more sexy, but when you wrap it in layers of clothing, you may lose some of the infectious power.The sexy feelings of underwear are easily weakened by the coat, especially wearing those too large or unable to match.In order to better display the effect of underwear, we must pay attention to the combination of coats and underwear to set off your beauty.

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7. No confidence

Even everyone thinks that sexy girls sometimes feel nervous and unconfident before sexy underwear.Pay special attention to self -confidence when wearing underwear.Sexy underwear also requires such a combination to truly show its beauty.

8. Inappropriate occasions you wear

Don’t think that as long as you wear a sexy underwear, you can be bright and beautiful. This is a misunderstanding. It is important to wear.Wearing sex underwear is usually to meet the needs of yourself and partners, so the occasion must be quite appropriate.Inappropriate occasions will cause underwear effects far less than expected. This is a kind of harm to charm.

9. Not suitable for your style

Everyone has their own style, and each underwear has their own nature.At this time, you need to pay attention to the personal characteristics of wearing sexy underwear, and choose the right style and materials according to your personal style.Remember, it is not desirable to follow the trend. What you have is naturally the best.

10. Do not pay attention to accessories

The accessories of sexy underwear are crucial enough. To increase the charm of your underwear, you can choose different accessories, such as: black stockings, high heels, long gloves, vest skirts, suspenders, mink shawls, and so on.All kinds of accessories, with the appropriate mentality, will make you full of S -shirts when you wear sexy underwear.

In general, a sexy underwear, as long as you choose the appropriate size and style, combine your unique temperament, and the unique and elegant match pace, you can easily wear the best sexy taste.Therefore, sexy lingerie can’t wear effects. Many times because of their own reasons. If you want to do well, you need to truly understand yourself, understand love underwear, and understand your expectations to be more natural and sexy.