How to send sexy underwear Taobao shops

How to send sexy underwear Taobao shops

What is sexy underwear on behalf of?

Interesting underwear agency refers to the Taobao shop owner selling his own shop products to other platforms or individuals through third -party service providers, and the agent completes a series of tasks such as orders and operations.You can get a certain commission.

Why choose sexy underwear for replacement?

The sex underwear industry has high requirements for sales staff, and requires certain professional knowledge and sales skills.In order to avoid the risks brought about by their own stores, some Taobao shop owners choose to sell through agents to reduce risks.

How to choose sexy underwear agents?

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First of all, you need to choose an agent with long operating days and good reputation. It is best to provide relevant documents and other legitimacy signs.During the cooperation process, it is necessary to consider the after -sales service, distribution ability, price and other issues of agents.

What is the process of sending the process?

First of all, Taobao shop owners and agents have contacted and negotiated, and agreed on issues such as agency and commission.The owner needs to provide the amount of product information and inventory.Then, the agent fills the product information and prices into the generation platform and promotes sales.When the order is generated, the agent will extract the goods from the owner’s inventory and ship the goods.Finally, the agent will return the corresponding commission to the owner.

What are the on behalf of the distribution platform?

There are many kinds of generation platforms, such as Taobao’s Mei Tao, Jumei Youpin, Vipshop, etc.When choosing an agent, you need to understand the type and usage of the distribution platforms he chose. Considering the cost of operating costs and user stickiness, reasonable selection of the generation platform is also a problem that the agent needs to consider.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the agent?

The advantage of the agency is that it can bear the inventory pressure of the goods, eliminating a series of related after -sales service, distribution and transaction risks; the disadvantage is that the profit of Taobao shop owners may be partialSome consumers are dissatisfied.

Pay attention

The owner and the agent cooperate with each other. The interests of the two sides are interrelated. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a mutually beneficial cooperative relationship, pay attention to the explanations, inspections and choices of the partner, and avoid overwhelming and commitment.In addition, some sexy underwear agents will propose to control some after -sales after -sales. If similar situations occur, it is recommended that the owner clarify the power and responsibilities and interests of the two parties when signing the contract to obtain complete control over the pre -sale after sale.

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How to increase the sales of sexy underwear?

First of all, you need to study the target audience, choose the appropriate sexy underwear type and style, and carry out marketing and promotion strategies according to consumer needs.In addition, shop owners need to provide certain professional suggestions, such as introducing different types of underwear through videos or pictures, with different clothing, etc., so that customers can have a better sense of trust and more accurate choice when purchasing.


When choosing a sexy underwear agent, in addition to investigating the integrity and legitimate qualifications of the partner, you also need to consider the factors of choosing a distribution platform.In the process of cooperation, the two sides should avoid randomness, pay attention to the balance of power, responsibilities and interests, and make refined and professional marketing strategies in terms of customer needs to increase sales and return customers.