Do you wear sex underwear like children’s swimsuits?

Do you wear sex underwear like children’s swimsuits?

Interest underwear is a very sexy, passionate and personalized clothing. It has more and more attention and acceptance in daily life, but there are still some people’s views of sexy underwear.swimsuit?Is this view correct?This article will explore this issue from multiple aspects.

Small and exquisite design

There are some similarities in the design of sexy underwear and children’s swimsuits. This is because they all focus on emphasizing the body’s lines and curves of the body, and they all use small and exquisite designs.The design of sexy underwear generally uses thin, soft and breathable fabrics, while children’s swimsuits use specialized swimsuit fabrics. They all have similar fit and comfort, but there is a huge difference in style.

Passionate element

The biggest difference between sexy underwear and children’s swimsuit is that there are many passional elements in sex underwear.Design elements such as lace lace, satin, and metal chains in sexy underwear all emphasize the elements of sexy and passion, which are designed for adults’ own physical and mental needs.Children’s swimsuits are pursuing simple and bright, so as to bring more joy and sports fun to children.

Different occasions

The use of sexy underwear and children’s swimsuits is also completely different.Interesting underwear is a kind of underwear designed for adults. It is mostly used for bed games between couples and adding fun life to themselves, bringing more pleasure and passion to couples, while children’s swimsuits are mostly used for childrenSwimming outdoors, playing, etc.This greatly affects the effect of the two.

Different cultural background

Interesting underwear and children’s swimsuits are both reflected in physical aesthetics, but the cultural background of the two is different.Interesting underwear combines physical aesthetics with sexy elements, which reflects the sex culture of adults, while children’s swimwear emphasizes the innocence and vitality of children. It is an indispensable element in young people culture.The difference between this cultural background also determines the differences between the two on and matching.

Different taste

Interesting underwear is chosen and dressed for themselves. It pays attention to the taste and aesthetics of the wearer, and the requirements of different people on taste and aesthetics are also different. Children’s swimsuits are mostly selected and dressed for their children for their children.In terms of the health and comfort of children more.

Brand choice

Of course, sexy underwear and children’s swimsuits will also be different in the choice of brand.There are more big names that pay more attention to quality and styles, such as Victoria’s Secrets, Aig, Yalilan, etc.; While children’s swimsuits choose more brands with comfort and durability, such as Disney, Bear Pooh, etc.

Different effects

The sexy underwear uses the body shape of the adult and the principles of dressing. Most of the plasticity and the effect are outstanding. They are both beautiful and generous, but they are also large and delicious.The fabric is soft and comfortable, it is not easy to cause skin allergies. It is naturally smooth to wear, which is very suitable for children’s sports and games.


In summary, although sexy underwear and children’s swimwear are both reflected in physical aesthetics, there are many factors such as wearing principles, use occasions, cultural backgrounds, tastes, brands, and wearing effects.Therefore, we cannot talk about sex underwear and children’s swimsuits, which have great differences.

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