Do boys sell sexy underwear illegal? Post it

Do boys sell sexy underwear illegal? Post it

Interesting underwear industry is full of water

In recent years, with the opening of sexual culture and the heating of interesting culture, the market for the product market has gradually grown, becoming one of the most vibrant and potential industries at the moment, especially in an important position in the consumer market between women and husbands and wivesEssenceHowever, whether there are men can join the ranks of selling sexy lingerie and whether it involves illegal acts, which has caused some controversy and questions.

There are cases of boys selling fun underwear

From a market perspective, the target consumption group of sexy underwear is not just one, including both women, as well as LGBT groups and men.In some cases, some men also participate in the ranks of sales of sexy underwear.For example, there are many well -known sexy underwear shops and websites, and their sales teams are also engaged in sales, such as Victoria’s Secret and PINK, Japan’s Tenga, Taobao and merchants have obtained considerable profits and market share by selling sexy underwear.

Whether sexy underwear sales involve gender discrimination

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However, the concept of society still questioned and opposed the concept of men’s sales of sexy underwear, which is considered to be solidified and discriminated against gender characters.In fact, gender discrimination should be abandoned, and both men or women should have equal sales opportunities.On the other hand, consumers may have different needs and preferences due to the sales of sexy supplies of different gender. They have both female customers need the service of women’s salespersons, as well as men’s customers who need male salesperson services.Therefore, merchants should respect the choice and needs of consumers, rather than applying unreasonable restrictions on the gender of the salesperson.

Whether the nature of sex lingerie involves obscene behavior

Another question worthy of discussion is whether sexy underwear involves obscene behavior.At this point, we need to review the nature of sexy underwear.Sex underwear is designed for sex, but it is not the same as sex itself.It is a dressed project, which aims to show the beauty of the body and provide more pleasant experience for sex.At the same time, sexy underwear has a variety of different styles and functions, such as: sexy, temptation, love, visual effects, etc.These functions do not necessarily involve moral issues. As long as they are not worn in public, they are used in private and do not infringe on the rights and respect of others.

Discussion on the legitimacy of men’s sales of sexy lingerie

At the legal level, it is a key point for men to sell sexy underwear.It is understood that no legal provisions clearly stipulate that men are not allowed to sell sexy underwear, nor does it clearly stipulate that the behavior is illegal.Therefore, simply speaking, men’s sales of sexy underwear do not involve illegal acts.However, the specific situation needs to be evaluated and judged based on comprehensive factors such as local laws and regulations and industry regulations.

Sales and use of sexy underwear

From the perspective of sales and use, sexy underwear is mainly used in specific occasions.These occasions not only include sex, Valentine’s Day, birthday gifts, wedding anniversary and other celebrations, but also social activities such as makeup dances, theme parties, and scene dramas.In these situations, sexy underwear can add an atmosphere and romantic atmosphere, allowing people to enjoy a more relaxed and happy experience.However, the behavior of appearing in public, promoting, or carnival carnival is not a normal social behavior, and it should be condemned and restricted.

The connection between gender and sexy underwear

In the sexy underwear industry, it can be said that women are the main use and consumer groups, but this does not mean that men have not participated and profits.Similarly, the sales and production of erotic underwear are not strictly targeted at a certain gender, but based on the attractiveness of human beauty and vision.At the same time, the sexy underwear industry is constantly expanding and innovating, and has launched a series of men’s sexy underwear to meet the needs and preferences of more consumers.


Selection of marketing strategies

The sales and marketing of sexy underwear requires certain strategies and skills.First of all, merchants should pay attention to the combination of beauty and form beauty in product design to create attractive visual effects.Secondly, merchants need to establish a complete sales and service system to provide customers with intimate services and full support.Finally, merchants need to formulate some marketing activities with unique and unique brand image to attract more consumers.

in conclusion

In summary, men’s sales of sexy underwear do not involve illegal acts.For gender discrimination and obscenity problems, they must be criticized and opposed.On this basis, we need to respect the choice and needs of consumers, and pay attention to the continuous improvement of product quality, sales services and marketing strategies.There should also be restrictions on the use of sex underwear and sales venues to avoid immoral social behavior.The erotic underwear industry is a unique and dynamic market that needs to be continuously innovated and expanded on the basis of marketization and standardization.