84 years of sexy underwear show

84 years of sexy underwear show


1984 was the opening year of the first sex underwear exhibition in China. At that time, the sex underwear market was still in the infantile period.People are still unfamiliar with sexy underwear, and their perception of sexy and stylish is also more traditional and conservative.However, at the sex underwear exhibition, some of the designs and concepts of subverted traditions were successfully presented in front of the audience, causing sensation and attention.


In the early 1980s, China’s reform and opening up policy triggered fierce changes in society.New ideas and culture have gradually penetrated into various fields, and economy and technology have also developed rapidly.As a representative of non -traditional culture, sexy underwear has also received more attention and acceptance.

design style

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At that time, the design style of sexy underwear was mainly sexy, fashionable and avant -garde.Many underwear use high -grade fabrics and special tailoring, adding the three -dimensional and hierarchical sense of clothing.At the same time, various elements are also incorporated, such as lace, leather, mesh, tassel, etc., which enhance the visual effects of clothing.

Color matching

Most of the underwear on the sexy underwear exhibition uses bright colors, such as red, pink, purple, blue and so on.These colors can not only enhance the visual effects of sexy underwear, but also show the sexy and enthusiasm of women.At the same time, there are also a small number of erotic underwear using classic colors such as black and white.

Display mode

Sex underwear is usually displayed in a model show at the exhibition.The models dressed in various styles of sexy underwear, embarked on the T -shaped platform, and showed the beauty and sexy of sexy underwear with a confident attitude and charming posture.Attracted the attention of a large number of visitors and the media.

Target Audience

The target audience of sexy underwear is mainly Western countries such as Europe and the United States, because at that time, sex underwear has been popular in these countries for many years, and there are mature markets and consumer groups.In China, the sexy underwear market is still in a very primary stage. Ordinary consumers need a process of the awareness and acceptance of sexy underwear.

Market impact

The successful holding of the 84 -year Welling Underwear has laid an important foundation for the development of China’s sexy underwear culture.It not only promotes the rapid development of the sexy underwear market, has attracted more designers and manufacturers to enter the industry, but also increases consumers’ awareness and acceptance of sexy underwear.


development trend

With the development of the times, sexy underwear is becoming more and more diverse, and it is no longer limited to traditional design and style.And with the popularity of the Internet, sexy underwear has also begun to sell online, so that more consumers can easily buy their favorite erotic underwear.In the future, the development potential of the sex underwear market is still huge.

Exhibition significance

As a platform to promote the development of the sexy underwear industry, the Info Underwear Exhibition is of great significance.It can not only promote the technology improvement of sexy underwear design and manufacturing, but also increase exchanges and cooperation between parties, and promote the healthy development of the industry.


The 84 -year -old sex underwear show is an important milestone in the history of the sexy underwear market.It not only marks the beginning of China’s sexy underwear market, but also indicates that a new era is coming.In the future development, we believe that the sexy underwear industry will usher in a better and colorful development.